Travel Guide – Beijing China – Beijing Video presents… China is the largest country in East Asia with Beijing as its capital city. In this video clip learn all about China.
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    China is the largest country and also lots of beautiful places to visit…
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  3. jas16899 says:

    @visser608 IQ is culturally relative. The Polish during WWII had a lower IQ than they do now. It’s not genetic, it’s psychological. Also, who blames China for being polluted? I agree we must blame consumers who pass the savings onto ourselves and the problems onto China.

  4. TheMarinadehaan says:

    Professional video! It has a lot of information in a short time, thanks.


  5. RimnamGardenHouse says:

    Go to China

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  8. ShadarVan says:

    @visser608 China=4000. Go fuck your uncle, you unclefucker. Highest IQ is here in MOngolia.

  9. cscdigitalgraphics says:

    Nice intro to China.

  10. Logicman132 says:

    @visser608 I agree about everything that you said except the last part. There is no valid proof for this statement. Fact is that because children study more they get better grades, so they are more successful. Also i believe that we should all come to peace with each other. Who agrees?

  11. steve4123253526262 says:

    Wow, I love this video! Subscribed 🙂

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  14. jim4649 says:

    Since always. Look up the definition of dialect. It has 2 primary meanings. You’re thinking of the first. Here’s the second:

    The other usage refers to a language socially subordinate to a regional or national standard language, often historically cognate to the standard, but not a variety of it or in any other sense derived from it.

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