‘Beijing’ by Patrick Watson on Q TV – Beijing Video

www.youtube.com/qtv ‘Wooden Arms’ is the name of the Patrick Watson’s latest album. 2 members of the band were in Studio Q to chat about the new release and to perform two tracks. This is the performance of ‘Beijing’.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

24 Responses to “‘Beijing’ by Patrick Watson on Q TV – Beijing Video”

  1. orionedwin says:

    Kind of like bad pop . . .
    Pedalling is awful and without direction.
    No pitch, o stars!

  2. oddpecks says:

    dayum…the collab of the music and percussion is so good..

  3. Marsisredandhot says:

    I can’t believe I just discovered him…

  4. ADistantDreamMusic says:

    I get sooo excitedddddd!!!!! And its only Robbie and Patrick!!! Too bad Mishka and Simon weren’t there!

  5. prepiuk says:

    Still one of the best live performances I’ve ever seen. ♥

  6. herlifestorykeys says:

    @vincelaniel pick out a few more things hipster, its the music thats important

  7. mkghayes1 says:

    this man is brilliant.

  8. vincelaniel says:

    The sound of that live session is awful…The percussion kit sounds flat and the piano isn’t loud enough…

  9. Theunknowntree11 says:

    great perfomance! percussion work reminds me of jonsi..

  10. deadbeatdon says:

    Those enamelled pots and the beat up drums & cymbal! Brilliance with just enough trashiness.

  11. lacocokiwi says:

    I am officially in love

  12. iamweareband says:

    Patrick Watson for President!

  13. JelteRocks says:


    He uses his voice like Jeff Buckley did.. I’m not saying Patrick ripps Jeff Buckley off. It is just both really good.

    You should listen Jeff Buckley too if you like this 🙂

  14. amronlin says:

    @JelteRocks Patrick sounds like Patrick.

  15. MrDonutslut says:

    1:46 love that beat

  16. beirney82 says:

    @acrookedaxis84 Absolute cunt!

  17. Elimination135 says:

    THIS Song is GENIUS !

  18. wsferbny says:

    The musical expressions are great…the facial expressions drive me nuts. What’s going on!?

  19. kbs1212 says:

    Still gives me chills to this day.

  20. papupapu1 says:

    @sunofnothin Haha… don’t worry man 😉

  21. TheIndieMod says:

    Helloooo percussionist….

  22. sunofnothin says:

    @papupapu1 Woah dude, chill your balllllzzzzz

  23. papupapu1 says:

    @sunofnothin YOU ARE NEW… FAGGOT

  24. JelteRocks says:

    Patrick sounds like Jeff Buckley :] good!


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