Usain Bolt 100m 9.69 ( LIVE VIDEO ) Beijing Olympic Gold & WR – Beijing Video

Usain Bolt 100m 9.69 ( LIVE VIDEO ) Beijing Olympic Gold & WR

NBC Owns This Video With All Rights. Usain Bolt 100m 9.69 (LIVE VIDEO) Olympic Gold & WR EXCLUSIVE YOUTUBE VIDEO World Record in Beijing

24 Responses to “Usain Bolt 100m 9.69 ( LIVE VIDEO ) Beijing Olympic Gold & WR – Beijing Video”

  1. carroll9legend says:

    u failed u draw 9.69 it is 9.68. look at the vid before u draw!

  2. cheickongo says:

    Beijing 2008 = Phelps & Bolt !

  3. bigchrisl54 says:

    @ben100014 I bet you took a couple dicks to the ass too you fag, stop with these retarded ass jokes

  4. nightshadao says:

    The Camera Man Chasing Usain: HOLY SHIT SLOW THE FUCK DOWN!!!!

  5. furoman1 says:

    coxman is a person who dopes regularly. Athletics is all about doping.

  6. furoman1 says:

    Usian Bolt take drugs in order to achieve these great successes. OMG what a coxman *-*

  7. sandocean17 says:

    This was the most fantastic performance ever

  8. ben100014 says:

    I used to break world records, then I took an arrow to the knee.

  9. CleopatraEight says:

    It is 9.68 seconds not 9.69!!!

  10. toby099 says:


    dude get over it, usain is the runner he doesnt give a damn what you think

  11. noah918273645 says:


  12. wade0000003 says:

    And he slowed down at the end

  13. TheFlinglish says:

    he smashed it, absolute beast

  14. cesc101895 says:

    thật là vãi

  15. Damnstraight769 says:

    This should’ve been the WR not the 9.58. It’s already been said a thousand times but I can’t imagine how someone could throw away a 9.52. SMH

  16. Purnadidi says:

    also I do everything for your satisfaction

  17. ItsElliottIdiot says:

    There was a bucket of extra crispy on the finish line

  18. DoMinC246 says:

    he so fast i had to turn to 1080 p to see him

  19. linkylamp says:

    Fuck this. Its either 360p or 1080p hD.

  20. Jojojojof says:

    6 minute video for >10 seconds of actual stuff.

  21. 1488slav says:

    this is probably the greatest 100m race in history because of a few things:

    (1) Usain Bolt set a world record, personal best, jamaican record

    (2) 3 other runners ran their best 100m ever (Thompson, Dix, Frater)

    (3) Churandy Martina set a national record

    (4) 6 of the 8 runners ran a sub-10 race

    (5) the slowest time was 10.03


  22. PamilaMerrisr552 says:

    hrm i will make you doing things

  23. leomoura17 says:


    Look at the chinese guy freakout ! LOL

  24. leomoura17 says:

    @Fire1357975 Lolllllllll !!!!


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