Beijing Olympics 2008 Drummers Opening Ceremony – Beijing Video

Beijing Olympics 2008 Drummers Opening Ceremony

Beijing Olympics 2008 Drummers Opening Ceremony
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13 Responses to “Beijing Olympics 2008 Drummers Opening Ceremony – Beijing Video”

  1. Krakars says:

    lol london 2012 are never going to top this

  2. imapieface says:

    @voon100 Oh, for sure it is a source of pride, but they were forced. Not at gunpoint, but they were forced. Just like all the athletes.

  3. DiRivalX says:

    I left my cursor on the screen during one of the zoom outs, and I thought one of them weren’t synchronized 😀

  4. voon100 says:

    Putting politics aside. The China hosting and be part of the Olympic is the great pride the Chinese every have the honour of doing. I’m sure they are not forced at gun point to participate at the opening ceremony.

  5. voon100 says:

    Hahaha like the Shard grand opening. Check out the video. What a damp squib that was.

  6. voon100 says:

    Hahahaha, you’re not wrong there! Probably too embarrassing to watch while the TV commentaries will praised how great it will/was. Gonna give London Olympic a miss.

  7. imapieface says:

    @Helabi34 As opposed to some pathetic country forcing people to do something

  8. Helabi34 says:

    this is fantasitc, I feel London 2012 will be something pathetic child demonstration…

  9. LifeStylezNL says:

    People are awesome O_O

  10. David Harris says:

    like everything else in britain our opening ceremony will be utter bollocks

  11. ratanasu says:

    i think japan they not sure about them self Asian ? they might not pull it off japan are confuse people after ww2 yes sir yes sir the only left to japan Lexus Toyota Sony est the spirit of samurai just name only

  12. BoWaNaRrOw123 says:

    Dont forget about the Rain, NHS nurses and school children as well…

  13. Gool349 says:

    oh my god it must have been so amazing to be a drummer in the middle of all this


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