Olympic song “Beijing Welcomes You” (subbed) – Beijing Video

Olympic song

Theme song for the 100-day countdown celebration of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, music by Xiao Ke and original lyrics by Lam Jik (Hong Kong). The melody of the song was inspired by a local Beijing ballad called “Shui Niu”, which are snails that come out on rainy days. Children in Beijing like to sing songs to attract these little creatures to come out of their shells. For those of you wondering where’s Andy Lau, he has his own Olympic song: “Everbody Is No.1” For those of you wondering where’s Jay Chou, he has his own Olympic song: “千山万水” For those of you wondering where’s SHE, Jacky Cheung and Wilber Pan, they have their own Olympic song: “红遍全球” Lyrics: Chen Tianjia: Welcoming another dawn, bringing fresh new air Liu Huan: The air changes, but sentiment still scents of fragrant tea Na Ying: The doors of my home open wide, awaiting you with open arms Stefanie Sun (Singapore): After an embrace there will be understanding, you will love this place Sun Yue: From far or near you’re all our guests, please don’t be shy Wang Leehom (Taiwan): We’ve promised to get together, we welcome you Han Hong: We’ve planted evergreens, blooming every legend Chau Wakin (Hong Kong): We’ve sown the ancient earth, for memories to be cherished Gigi Leung (Hong Kong): Strangers or friends you’re all our guests, please be at home Yuquan: No matter how many times you’ve been here, we’ve much to talk about Jackie Chan (Hong Kong): Beijing welcomes you We’ve opened our world for you Richie Ren

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  1. TheChocoTOASTIES says:

    yes, i know right? and the more space china has, the more proud i am of my country, it is very powerful, that way. inner mongolia, tibet, china conquers all.

    i do realize my way of thinking is terrible

  2. TheChocoTOASTIES says:

    So get a QQ!!! I have one.
    if you fail at chinese, then it is also availble in many other langueges, okay?

  3. cai554 says:

    who’s the guy from 5:00-5:04?

  4. KingHenrikLundqvist says:

    Its all nice until their politics smack you in your face.

  5. FrontalViolator says:

    omg chills

  6. FrontalViolator says:

    SWAG: Something We Asians Got

  7. zhq1995 says:

    thanks ur , im chinese~~ i proud beaucse i happy every day , i love my house ,car , jop and my girlfriend , even thogh i left my parents, i hope your can happy like me, if u come to China,call me Email :fzq4ip57@gmail.com , i can carry you Visit the sights of Henan,China. gl&hf

  8. Chanchyin says:

    South China Sea (U Line) is ours.

  9. onlyshane99 says:

    The name of that area is South China Sea…

  10. IrvineJac says:

    Chinese should stop the evil plan to take full control of Vietnam, Phillipines, and more South East Asian countries ‘s sea, islands!!!!!! Why a beautiful coutry like China has a bad leader like that? So greedy…We are small, but we are united, we will fight till our last breath to protect our islands, and sea! I love China, but the hate the way China have been doing to us…I am Vietnamese.

  11. glowe5 says:

    im dont imagine this song without Jackie,but so or so good song

  12. XOSiren18XO says:

    Yes, but that makes it that much harder to communicate to them. Hmm, I might wanna communicate to my relatives using Skype but waiiiiiiit, its banned there.

  13. MyWoou says:

    AGREED! 🙂 people keep talking bad about china without even visiting or knowing ANYTHING about china except all the negative stuff like abortion and censoring websites and blah blah blah -___- they should go visit china in real life first..AND CHINA IS SO FUN I’VE BEEN THERE AND IT’S GREAT. not horrible at all.

  14. MyWoou says:

    That’s why china has their own “everything”. Own facebook in china that’s called QQ. Works the same exact way. Own twitter called Weibo, which also works the same way. china also has their own youtube called Youku.


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