Usain Bolt World Record – Mens 100m Final – Beijing 2008 Olympic Games – Beijing Video

Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Mens 100m Athletics Final World Record Usain Bolt (Jamaica) 9.69s
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25 Responses to “Usain Bolt World Record – Mens 100m Final – Beijing 2008 Olympic Games – Beijing Video”

  1. Skyfoxtchannel says:

    Trinidad and Tobago, Richard Thompson you’ve done us proud. Go get another medal

  2. 12EliteMasterYTZ says:

    We NEED KSI!

  3. YangSing1 says:

    Because blackmen are faster.

  4. YangSing1 says:

    Fuck me that’s fast.

  5. Harry Mather says:

    Correction black people have fast twitch muscles, making them faster sprinters.

  6. stupidjunk978 says:

    Why is it all blackmen?

  7. paddy1198 says:


  8. Avi Land says:

    Ok guys white men have 2 muscles in each leg… black men have 3 muscles in each leg… thats why they’re so much faster than white people

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  10. TrendysLolAcademy says:

    People still say its not true that blacks are faster than whites, hmm then why is every man running their a huge black man ?

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  12. TrendysLolAcademy says:

    HOW did i get here from ksi? 😛

  13. GrimeAndGhanja says:

    probably 96, everyone is 96 sprint speed lol

  14. shadow79631 says:

    who the hell did i get from Nazi zombies Hotel to this?

  15. TehXemR says:

    probably like 85 because fifa bums messi

  16. AddictedPokemon says:


  17. holyfiya says:

    Im pretty sure if he went 100% all the way, so nothing weird at 80m, then he wouldve beat the WR probably a few millisecs more

  18. carestar0147 says:


  19. Mollyand Heidi says:

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  20. FieryDuckFTW says:

    How did i get here from Scariest moment in Minecraft? Where is the recambalance?

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  22. TartanArmyKeir says:

    boring commentator much???

  23. theTROLLINGdwarf says:

    cant wait for the opening tonight

  24. tahuking9445 says:

    i got here from guys guide to hugging guys :?

  25. chubuking says:

    OVER 9000!!!


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