Foreigner takes a dip in flooded Beijing street – Beijing Video

Via – This is the first time Beijing has issued an “orange” rainstorm alert since 2005, which is the second most severe warning, under “red.” The rain began at 10 am and has accumulated an average of 9.5 centimeters around the city as of 7 pm. (July 21, 2012) Source:
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18 Responses to “Foreigner takes a dip in flooded Beijing street – Beijing Video”

  1. julisvideo says:

    watch it!

  2. reynaldopassion1 says:

    its all just the cause natural disasters?????? hello…..this happens when you cultivate all the natural resources of the planet specially by land and the sea….and the Earth is dying, cause by this greedy people and only thinks for money….its crazy and many people are suffering and nations and its not NATURAL CAUSE!!!!

  3. trdbkd11 says:

    no silly, its all just the cause natural disasters. Russia got hit with flood within the same month with more casualties, and the east coast of the US has been getting serious storms and tornadoes leaving a path of destruction, shit happens in the world and no country is exempt.

  4. reynaldopassion1 says:

    its payback time from the Creator Chiconese!

  5. heresteven says:

    need a surf board

  6. jimbofolio says:


  7. SNSDTVgeneration says:

    These fucking English teachers…well, mostly from USA should be died!!
    Ca O American Two English teachers!

  8. hoya1della says:

    english teacher lol

  9. hanagyry says:

    Crazy.. dirty water……

  10. KingofKpop says:

    He’ll need pa visit to doctor coz bacteria would have gone into his anus

  11. KingofKpop says:

    ESLers lololol

  12. 재현 송 says:

    dirty water .. ;;

  13. chuck3377 says:

    Hope you have a good supply of antibiotics after that swim.

  14. chuck3377 says:

    Its just alittle sprinkle, keep the smokestacks pumping out plastic shit.

  15. hasithappens says:

    May as well swim what else can one do with a flood.

  16. Vlad Rubenka says:


  17. SteaLLer7 says:

    заебато в пекине мазафака,вооооот

  18. Вова Пархоменко says:



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