La Perla Lingerie Catwalk – 2012 Event in Beijing | FashionTV – Beijing Video

SUBSCRIBE: BEIJING – The hottest and sexiest lingerie come out at the La Perla 2012 Fashion Event in China. Models walk on stage wearing beautiful and revealing bras, sleepwear, underwear and sheer robes. The collection from La Perla is very mature with a lot of…

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  1. SuperTruth77 says:

    For a while I had doubts over my 18YO daughter’s career as a fashion model, but I finally put my foot down last month, making her quit FOR GOOD.

    All fashion houses & agencies are dominated by gay men who love the ‘skinny waif’ look because it’s so boyish. She’s naturally thin with small breasts, but they forced her to cut her hair short & diet to the point of anorexia. The last straw was a ‘private shoot’ in which she was forced to dress as a semi-naked schoolboy & be spanked by a ‘teacher’.

  2. vinnieagogo says:

    I know a lot of long haul macho truck drivers that like to wear La Perla underneath their jeans and flannel shirts..

    For me its Agent Provocateur……

  3. svetor2067 says:


  4. misterpantybuns says:

    Gorgeous! I love the behind the scenes shots and the music in addition seeing to all the beautiful La Perla Lingerie fashions being modeled.

  5. tmzkdl111 says:

    란제리 베이징2012

  6. wrangleroooo says:


  7. qcyann says:

    2:35 love it !!!!!

  8. tmzkdl111 says:

    베이징 이벤트


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