Massive Rainstorm Floods Beijing – Beijing Video

Massive Rainstorm Floods Beijing (ROUGH CUT — NO REPORTER NARRATION) The heaviest rain storm in six decades to hit the Chinese capital killed at least 10 people and caused widespread chaos, flooding streets and stranding 80000 people at the city’s main airport. The storm, which started on Saturday afternoon and continued late into the night, flooded major roads and sent torrents of water tumbling down steps into underpasses.
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  1. YouTheory says:

    You could be right because i heard Major Ed Dames a Remote viewer say that when a huge planet passes the earth it will neutralize our electron magnetic field thus allowing the solar flares to fry parts of earth.He said it will be rare to find a safe zone for survival in the southern Hampshire …

  2. MaharlokanSovereign says:

    Its not HARP anymore cuz Planet Nibiru is coming is southern region 🙁

  3. ruring09 says:


  4. aBRUSHforCONFUCIUS says:

    This is because the CCP mafia/corrupt officials did no city planning and put up building with no drainage. They also opened the reservoirs and flooded many small villages. The West has made the Chinese dictators rich, while its people suffer and we turn a blind eye because of cheap microwaves and computers. Thousands have now died.

  5. YouTheory says:

    HARP ATTACK, First Russia, now China

  6. zorkntatertotter says:

    Jet-Ski, i would be on one if this was the case. Thumbs up if rain floods isnt a good enough excuse to not enjoy these weather patterns

  7. binzsta86 says:

    Hey do you know that its dangerous to swim in the street!

  8. MrSandyBridge says:

    The weather has gone crazy

  9. biba didi says:

    yes yes good good bad china


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