Evanesce SUPERSHOW6 beijing (Heechul missed the stage, members’ funny reaction) – Beijing Video

this clip owned by “SJ饭团SUPERHOLIC”, I found it interesting, so i upload it to share with ELF.
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  1. Siwon kyu donghae couldn’t help it but laughed

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    This video is both funny and sad at the same time. Funny because of the
    members reactions and Heechul’s fail… but sad because the reason Heechul
    forgot what to do and started staring into space, etc. was because he saw a
    GengChul fansign in the crowd… he was remembering Hangeng 🙁 

  3. Lmao Heechul looked possessed just standing there frozen like wtf why he
    aint get hiss ass up there? XD And im pretty sure like two of em could’ve
    pulled him up there haha !

  4. SUPER JUNIOR is nominated as the only Asian artists is the International
    Artists Department in HOLLYWOOD MUSICAWARDS. (
    http://www.portalhollywood.com/2014/11/globalartist.html?m=1). Now, we rank
    NO.1. I am not sure what award is this, but anyway, elfs, we should do
    something. spread the word.


  6. At first it was funny, but now it’s just kind of sad to think about.
    Imagine how much Sm overworks these guys and deprives them of sleep, it’s
    no wonder his mind just went on autopilot there.

  7. Lol, as expected SJ never fail to make me laugh XD

    Lol, i just find it funny till Siwon tried to fill in the empty spot so it
    doesnt look like Chullie did anything wrong, then i cracked up seeing Kyu
    didnt sing and just stand there like a shrimp trying not to laugh.. Lol
    siwon act like he is painful”act sad for the song” but he actually is abt
    to faint from holding in his laughter XDD At the same time Hae is trying
    sooo bad not to look to prevent laughter but he kept looking at Chullie XD
    Around 1:41 u can see Hae keep smiling, and Siwon trying to act try to sing
    but then when he look at Kyu both was abt to explode XD Kyu shrank even

    Lol and when the wheel turns around Minnie were like .. Look at heechul for
    1 sec then slowly carefully turn his head act like he didnt see Chullie and
    was like “huh?Hyung???Wth?Why on earth did he stand there?” then he look at
    Kangin and Kangin were like “i know i know.. just hold it in” XD then he
    act like he didnt see, lol so clueless didnt know what is going on, then i
    notice Ryo tht was tooo into the song finally saw Chullie and held in his
    laughter as well XD
    Then Ming turn his head back and had eye contact with Kangin and from there
    it was just awkward XD
    So cute at the end with the same the lights turn off Hae ran to Chullie XDD
    Omg, thank u handsome oppas XD I havent laugh so much for so long. Thank
    ELF for the fancams..

  8. I cannot with this video hahahaha i started laughing when heechul didn’t
    step back, then laugh again when kyu siwon hae went lol and smiles then
    laugh even harder seeing ming’s reaction being all puzzled seeing heechul
    there hahaha i just can’t. how can they be funny when they perform this
    song xD

  9. deberian hacerle un acercamiento solo a Siwon, me rio tanto solo de verlo

  10. I am literally crying while laughing so hard now!! LOL Heechul!! He looked
    like he was in deep thought or something that’s why he missed the stage. I
    love the boys’ reactions! LOL Siwon, the dork can’t stop himself from
    laughing. Donghae and Kyuhyun were both decent enough to control themselves
    from laughing but their smiles tells everything. Sungmin looked really
    shocked lol and Kangin..he’s like “Yeah bro, I can see it too, let’s give
    the man his own space..” BTW, Siwon seemed to try to cover for heechul’s
    mistake by moving to the center and take heechul’s spot so it won’t be too
    obvious that heechul commit the mistake :)

  11. sungmin cute su cara es como wtff?? con hechuel kagin y su cara jaja

  12. Sungmin reaction is too cute !
    He was like a child who lost his way ^^

    And, Kyhyun, Siwon, Donghae and Kangin reaction was really funny, they are
    all “blasé” XD

  13. Jajajaja cada vez que lo veo me río, casi tanto como Donghae y Siwon XD

  14. I’m new to SuJu. Can someone please tell me who is who? I know Kyuhyun,
    Siwon and Heechul. And the others? Thanks. ^^

  15. they’re so good! they managed to continue singing & holding in their
    laughters even though heechul missed the platform

  16. +AnyWhereButHome13​

  17. LOL. Heechullie Oppa is sure as hell being different again. 

  18. what song were they singing here?

  19. 1:01 donghae said “Hyung!” hahahaha. but heechul didn’t hear him

  20. I could watch this forever. Typical Heechul.

  21. hahahahaha… Lmao… jejeje mi lindo Fishy como se rie jajaja… so cute

  22. Yo creo que el sabia y simplemente no quiso subir, por que no se acordó en
    ningún momento de la tarima.

  23. i loved how Siwon tried to advice Heechul even before the stage was goin
    up. I love how they love each other <3 


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