US Embassy in Beijing announces halt to social media updates – Beijing Video

published: 2018-01-22 14:39:21

The US embassy in Beijing says it will temporarily halt its regular news and other updates on social media.The US Federal Government is currently shut down after Republicans and Democrats failed to pass a funding bill. The US embassy in the Chinese capital says visa and American citizen services will continue as normal. The Embassy says regular social media updates will resume once the US government is fully operational.

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  1. The USA will again bring the world to another great depression worse than 1929

  2. Ohh poor buggers with no money in the kitty. Can I send you few $A cents from my savings, few cents are all I have. I cant see you stopping your excellent work, promoting peace and democracy throughout the poor, helpless and vulnerable nations like, Syria, Yemen, North Korea, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq etc. Your God given and sanctioned excellent work need to be continued if not the warmongering yellow man from the Party State (with the courtesy of the Uni Sydney) will take your place WITHOUT NGOs, without free aid with many strings attached but only with loans, without forcing nations to change constitutions to suite you, without any structural adjustments, or any other threatening sanctions against them.

  3. Bragging until the pockets are empty…


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