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published: 2018-07-10 05:07:28


Beijing – 5 July 2018
1. Wide of ministry of commerce press conference
2. Journalists
3. SOUNDBITE (Mandarin) Gao Feng, Spokesman for Ministry of Commerce of China:
“Analysis shows that in the tariff list of the so-called US$34 billion goods, over US$20 billion, or 59 percent of the goods are produced by the foreign invested enterprises in China, many of which are American enterprises. It is fair to say that if the US starts to levy tariffs, it is actually imposing tariffs not only on Chinese enterprises, but also on the enterprises of all the countries, including the US ones.”
4. Cutaway of journalists
5. SOUNDBITE(Mandarin) Gao Feng, Spokesman for Ministry of Commerce of China:
“Essentially the measures taken by the US are attacking the global chains and industries and values. To put it simply, the US is actually opening fire at the whole world, and at itself, too.”
6. Mid of Gao Feng
7. SOUNDBITE (Mandarin) Gao Feng, Spokesman for Ministry of Commerce of China:
“This kind of trade bullying by raising up the big stick of tariffs to blackmail others around the world is against the trend of the times. China will not bow in face of threats and blackmail, nor will it waver in its determination of safeguarding globalisation and the multilateral trade system. China will work with other countries to fight against the perversion of backward and outdated protectionism and unilateralism, and maintain a stable and foreseeable global trade circumstance.”
8. Cutaway of journalists
9. SOUNDBITE (Mandarin) Gao Feng, Spokesman for Ministry of Commerce of China:
“It is the US that starts the trade war that we are not willing to fight, but we have to fight when we need to defend the interests of our country and people. China will never fire the first shot, but if the US rolls out the tariffs, China will be forced to take countermeasures. What the US is doing is a comprehensive setback. A just cause enjoys abundant support, while an unjust cause finds little. We believe the people all over the world understand and support our position. We call on all countries to take common actions to firmly oppose trade protectionism and unilateralism, so as to defend the common interests of the people of the world.”
10. Mid of Gao Feng
11. SOUNDBITE (Mandarin) Gao Feng, Spokesman, Ministry of Commerce of China:
“The legal rights and interests of all the foreign enterprises in China will be protected by the Chinese government. Regarding the impact on the enterprises from the trade war started by the US, we will keep a continuous assessment and will help the enterprises ease the possible shock brought by the trade war.”
12. Wide of briefing
A Chinese government spokesman has said Beijing “will not bow in the face of threats and blackmail” on the eve of US tariff hikes and will defend its interests.
The Trump administration is poised to raise tariffs on US$34 billion of Chinese imports on Friday in the dispute over technology policy.
China has threatened to retaliate.
China’s Commerce Ministry spokesman, Gao Feng, said in Beijing on Thursday that by starting the trade war the US was “opening fire at the whole world”.
He said China was not willing to fight a trade war, but “will be forced to take countermeasures” should the US roll out the tariffs.
Gao also said China would call on all countries to take common actions to fight against the “trade bullying” of the US.
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  1. feeling high and mighty instead of working with us to balance the trade. the US imposition of tariffs would not have happened if China was trading fairly but for the longest time they have not. they are scrupulous business trade partners stealing intellectual properties despite the fact that they have grown because manufacturing have been outsourced to them. now they are feeling high and mighty. trump did the right thing so Americans can get their jobs back.


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