Beijing rejects US sanctions on Chinese firm for allegedly funding DPRK – Beijing Video

published: 2018-09-14 12:00:02

China hit back at US sanctions against a Chinese firm for allegedly moving illicit funding to the DPRK. Beijing said it’s firmly opposed to Washington’s decision and urges an end to the move.

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  1. This is double standard. USA threatened my India with sanctions for our Iranian oil imports and S400 from Russia while with China the US only threaten sanctions on Chinese individuals and companies?

  2. The day would come when China will sanction the USA. Just look at how Britain sent her gunboats to China 150 years ago to demand for indemnities and apologies
    and look at Britain now!

  3. Wow.. our president is a man of his words.. China a manipulator IP LOOTER always misusing Kim's unstable mind against America the greatest nation on the planet.. I need a full measurement of American law against china.. let them beg for one time food as they had begged in 1980.. our president hates Chinese.. oh yes, I too hate Chinese.. do you?

  4. SENATOR AGRAPA = dirty trick shameless AgraFart……. go to hell…..


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