Chinese Admiral Warns Beijing for Sink Two U.S. Aircraft Carriers in South China Sea – Beijing Video

published: 2019-01-11 16:02:24

A Chinese admiral has issued a chilling threat to the US by suggesting that Beijing could settle its disputes with Washington by sinking two American aircraft carriers.

Rear Admiral Lou Yuan told an audience in Shenzhen that “what the United States fears the most is taking casualties” before declaring that destroying one of its supercarriers would kill 5,000 navy personnel. Bragging about China’s anti-shop missile capabilities, Lou added that sinking two carriers would double that figure, the New York-based Epoch Times reports. He told a top military summit: “We’ll see how frightened America is.”

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  1. Sounds like there is a Red Chinese Admiral who badly needs to float a desk!

  2. Not a good situation,I would not recommend starting world war 3 to anybody,it wont end well for anyone !!

  3. China wants to monopoly sea power and over take US as no.1

  4. If any aircraft carrier is damaged or sunk, most cities in china would be ruined with missiles & bombs! Millions of chinese will die or perish! The chinese admiral is an Idiot, just like his soldiers! China is facing numerous enemies from all sides, India, Taiwan, South Korea & Japan, as well as ASEAN!

  5. ?on nime on list starding astard ✋?

  6. @EpochTimes deliberately misinterpreting Lou Yuan 's commentary.


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