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published: 2019-07-11 11:59:30

Crazy Chinese game! Grandfather tore off my brain through his art. Must watch! Chinese art 空竹 Kong Zhu or Coil on a string.
While the sport of yo-yo is part of the fabric of Chinese culture, the name diabolo didn’t come to be known until much later. The first debut of “diabolo” in China was over 1800 years ago! Only then it was called Kong Zhu (Chinese: 空竹; pinyin: kōng zhú). It was first recorded in a poem called Kong Zhu Fu (Chinese: 空竹赋; pinyin: kōng zhú fù) and was written by Cao Zhi, the third son of Cao Cao (Chinese: 曹操; pinyin: cǎo cao). Cao Cao was one of the central figures of the Three Kingdoms period back in Chunqiu time.

Kong Zhu became very popular in China, especially in the Beijing and Tianjin areas. Father Amiot, a French Jesuit missionary, arrived in Beijing in 1750. While in China, he witnessed both adults and children alike playing with these fascinating toys. Father Amiot recorded his observations of this unique toy in a journal entry from 1792:

Chinese Yo – Yo

The video was shot during a trip to China by the delegation of the Association of Chinese Traditions and Culture, headed by Teacher Mu Yuchun to participate in various seminars on wushu, on shuaijiao and organizing cultural excanges. June 2019.

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  1. Что за фигня на нервы действует

  2. Видел такую штуку в 2005м, в г.Хей-хе(хейлунцзян) у школьника, предложил ему ещё в место этой "юлы" использовать чашку с рисом, идея ему понравилась)

  3. Ой какая прелесть, игрушка для взрослых. На алиэкспресс нету((


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