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Feb 17, 2017

Beijing sees first snow in 2014 The snowfall has relieved Beijing from the grips of its second longest snow free winter in the last… Beijing’s Old Imperial Palace in Snow The photo taken on Saturday, February 8, 2014 shows the watchtower at Beijing’s Forbidden City. Beijing embraced its… Snow blankets Beijing, ends long spell of dry weather Chen Dagang, a senior engineer with the Beijing Climate Centre, said lack of water vapour… Beijing’s spring arrives, after snow fails all winter Spring formally began in Beijing on Tuesday according to the traditional Chinese calendar, but no snow… Snow hits Shanghai-Beijing flights A worker shoots a deicing machine to help reduce snow impact on traffic at the Beijing Airport this morning. Dozens… Beijing Snow Means Less Pollution And More Winter Fun (PHOTOS) The beginning of 2013 has been marked by dangerously high levels of air pollution… Snow fell heavily on Beijing this Sunday, like never before since 1951. Authorities released a citywide orange alert and regional red warning on…

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