About Beijing Informer

The Beijing Informer

Beijing Informer is the Chinese English-language online newspaper. It serves a vital role in telling the world about China, providing valuable insight into the world’s second-largest economy. Beijing Informer reports news throughout China and the globe.

A Global Voice for China

With a dedicated focus on China’s narrative, Beijing Informer serves a vital role in sharing the nation’s perspective with the international community. The newspaper’s extensive coverage spans the vast expanse of China, from the bustling metropolises to the serene landscapes, enabling readers to witness the country’s progress and challenges firsthand.

Bridging Nations through the Asia News Network

As part of the Asia News Network, a collective effort of the leading newspapers in the continent, Beijing Informer plays a crucial role in fostering collaboration and exchange of information among Asian nations. By providing a platform for mutual understanding and shared values, the network helps strengthen the bonds that tie the diverse countries of Asia together.



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