At appearance in Beijing, Kazakh pop star Dimash Kudaibergen talks new music and China's 'One Belt,

August 29, 2017

published: 2017-05-30 00:46:30(24 May 2017) Rising Kazakh pop star Dimash Kudaibergen has found an audience in China. At a celebration of his 23rd birthday, Kudaibergen’s Chinese talent agency announced production of a new album and plans to launch him as a global star. “I will definitely have Kazakh folk songs on my album — it would be my gift to foreign fans. I might include English and Chinese songs as well, but I haven’t fully decided yet,” Kudaibergen said. After debuting on “Singer 2017,” an annual singing competition on China’s Hunan Television, Kudaibergen has risen to instant fame. Since January, his wide vocal range and enthralling performances has stunned his opponents and won the hearts of Chinese audiences. Over the past four months, Dimash has also gained more than 3.3 million new followers on Sina Weibo, China’s largest social media platform At a recent concert, the singer’s fans packed the Beijing Exhibition Hall Theater, many holding “Happy Birthday, Dimash” banners. The concert culminated when the audience jumped in to sing a song with Kudaibergen. But for official Chinese Media, Kudaibergen is more than just a popular singer. His home country Kazakhstan is an important participant in China’s “One Belt, One Road” initiative. The initiative aims to revive trading routes between Asia and Europe through a variety of infrastructure and transportation projects. Noticing Dimash’s popularity, official media such as People’s began calling him the “Musical Envoy of Belt and Road.” While the singer says he hopes the two countries can maintain their longstanding friendship, he has no intentions to seek official titles.

“I just hope to show my talents for all audiences. As for official titles, they make me feel a little bit nervous, actually,” he said.