Bears attack car in Beijing's 'tiger mauling zoo'

February 28, 2017

published: 2017-02-28 05:59:18 Badaling Wildlife World in Beijing – scene of a fatal tiger mauling in 2016 – has hit headlines again after another high-profile animal attack. Sun bears were photographed attacking a car at noon on Sunday, with one of them even reaching its paw inside the vehicle. Car windows are supposed to be tightly closed in the drive-thru bear area, but a kid in the vehicle opened his a crack. When a bear loomed towards that car, the scared child accidentally pressed the button to lower the window further. And this attracted other bears to gather around, according to @JenniferSalvatore on Chinese social media platform Weibo.

She added that “it was too dangerous and why don’t they listen as the zoo clearly says not to open the window!”