Beijing expresses strong objection to extra THAAD launchers, calling it 'deeply concerning'

September 25, 2017

published: 2017-07-29 09:35:47中외교부, 韓 사드 ‘추가 임시배치’에 “엄중한 우려” 표명 While China expressed opposition against North Korea’s ballistic missile launch,.. it remains consistent on its stance on THAAD. Beijing expressed its strong disapproval of President Moon Jae-in’s decision to deploy additional THAAD launchers, describing it as ‘deeply concerning’. A spokesperson for China’s foreign ministry reiterated the government’s long-standing opposition to the missile defense battery, saying it will not help solve the crisis on the peninsula and could complicate it further. He added the deployment will greatly disturb the strategic balance in the region and undermine China’s strategic security interests as well.

Ever since Seoul announced to bringing in the THAAD system last year, Beijing has carried out a series of unofficial economic retaliations affecting South Korea’s exports as well as its culture and tourism industries.