China will take action to defend trade interests: Beijing's trade ministry

November 27, 2017

published: 2017-08-15 09:34:01트럼프 ‘대중 무역전쟁’카드… 중국 상무부, “절대 좌시하지 않겠다” China’s trade ministry says Beijing will not sit back and watch if Washington harms bilateral trade ties. The remark comes after President Trump authorized an investigation into China’s intellectual property policies. The probe will focus on whether Beijing is forcing U.S. firms to hand over intellectual property in order to do business in the country. The outcome of the investigation — set to take around a year — could lead to tariffs on Chinese products. Beijing’s spokesman said the U.S. should treasure the current favorable state of trade ties. Should it disregard objective facts and the principles of multilateralism, in any action that harms trade and businesses,… China would “adopt all appropriate measures” to protect its interests.