China's foreign minister hopes Korea's new ambassador to Beijing will bring progress

December 27, 2017

published: 2017-10-29 09:49:59왕이, 베이징바자회서 노영민 대사 만나…”한중관계 진전기대” There’s growing speculation that ties between South Korea and China will improve during the second term of Chinese President Xi Jinping, who was reelected last week. On Sunday, China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi met Seoul’s new ambassador to Beijing Noh Young-min,… for the first time. Noh took office earlier this month. The two had a brief encounter at an annual bazaar in Beijing… organized by China’s foreign ministry,… to raise funds and help people in vulnerable regions of the country.

Wang welcomed Noh as Seoul’s new top envoy,… expressing hope for progress in bilateral relations and that Noh will be a bridge for the two countries.