Giant Mushroom Cloud Over Beijing, China – June 14, 2012Beijing Informer

July 20, 2012

Posted on 12 July 2012. Tags: 2012, Beijing, China, Cloud, Giant, June, Mushroom, over, Video

Looked like they had just gotten A-bombed 0.0 I don’t know much else about it other than it was just one really cool (supercell?) T-storm. Looks like they are taking a page out of the Texas handbook for this one. Sorry if you don’t fancy the music, but it was either my choice in music; silence OR the original audio tracks, most of which had terrible songs already, or people speaking a strange language loudly, so ^-^ The song I chose is: Need a Name – Incomplete (seriously, thats the name/artist…. or artist/name) Blog post on the mushroom cloud: PS I added a background audio track of thunderstorm sounds, because… i thought it went nicely… the song itself doesn’t have the storm sounds, meow. Thunderstorm sounds generated here: I kid you not, that storm generator thing had me nodding out/hypnotized/in a trance for some reason. Is nice, le relaxing. Videos found at: http
Video Rating: 4 / 5