Beijing 1

November 23, 2017


Capa, one of the big China photography magazines is shooting a documentary about China photographers. Each of us gets a topic and then they follow us around as we shoot it. Mine was “New Beijing”. Because I’ve lived here almost 20 years people say “wow, you must have seen lots of changes”. And of course I have – the buildings are taller, the roads are wider, the cars are nicer. But the people are the same. So I had this sort of idea that I would take these Beijing “good ol’ boys” who’ve lived in little Beijing alleyways for the last 50 years and put them up in the city that’s grown up around them. I like the shot, but not sure if it completes the assignment.

Image published by Jonathan Kos-Read on 2014-07-10 04:15:39 and used under Creative Commons license.

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