Clothing brand East&West hosts Spring celebration in Dubai on March 8

March 14, 2024

East&West, the clothing brand that celebrates the history of the Silk Road masters, successfully hosted its Spring East&West Morning Party on March 8, International Women’s Day, at the luxurious Be Beach Club in Dubai.

The Spring East&West Morning Party was a vibrant celebration of spring, women’s empowerment, and the launch of the East&West Fashion Brand in Dubai. Attendees enjoyed a delightful morning filled with a healthy breakfast, engaging conversations, and the company of interesting individuals from different countries.

The event also marked the first stage filming of the globally acclaimed project “Women and roads. The way to yourself” in the UAE. This project, founded by renowned kids writer Kristina Kretova and songwriter Anna Kameneva, aims to empower women and explore their journey towards self-discovery and traveling. The directors were excited to share their impressions from the start of filming, including interviews with the project’s inspiring heroines and travels throughout all the emirates.

Dubai, known as a place where East meets West, provided the perfect backdrop for this exclusive morning party. Attendees engaged in discussions about the traditions of the Silk Road, the significance of ornaments, and the importance of recognizing the difference between price and value in the modern world.

“We are thrilled to have hosted this event, which celebrated the arrival of spring, women’s empowerment, and the launch of our brand in Dubai,” said Kristina Kretova and Anna Kameneva, owners of East&West and award-winning film directors. “We were also excited to share our impressions from the start of filming our project ‘Women and roads. The way to yourself’ in the UAE. We look forward to showcasing the beauty of the country and inspiration that arises from the harmonious balance of women empowerment and respect for traditions in this unique cultural context.”