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Feb 16, 2017

MAC calls on Beijing to take responsibility for ’89 crackdown Beijing’s official position is that the demonstration, which has consistently remained a taboo subject… Beijing is suffering through a week of dangerous air pollution levels. One man is taking the Chinese government to court because of all the… Abe calls on the world to stand up to ‘bullying’ Beijing Given China’s growing prominence over the past decade, it is widely assumed that… Beijing TV station calls for boycott of comedian Guo Degang Comedians delight in offending. What makes them different from louts is their willingness to… Beijing calls fears over internet crackdown “paranoia,” briefly detains … In China, “people enjoy full freedom on the Internet,” an official from the Ministry… Chinese civilians flee Syria as Beijing calls for restraint With US warships poised to punish Syria for allegedly using chemical weapons, the few Chinese… In Beijing, Swamy calls for India-China cooperation on terrorism Janata Party President Subramanian Swamy on a visit to Beijing has made a pitch for… Beijing’s bear hug for Colombo: Rajapaksa among Xi’s first 5 calls In fact, Xi spoke with Rajapaksa on March 16, the same day he… Beijing calls for firework restraint An official with the Beijing Office on Fireworks and Firecrackers said 750,000 cartons of fireworks would go on sale… Beijing calls for end to Myanmar fighting He did not say whether Beijing believed the shell was fired by Myanmar’s military or the rebels… Rising cancer rate leads to calls for smoking controls The high rate of lung cancer in Beijing, which has increased dramatically over the past… Amid Calls For Reform, China Waits For New Leaders The slogan “Long Live the Great Communist Party of China” is emblazoned on the wall… Dissident Writer Calls for the Breakup of the Chinese ‘Empire’ … report on Liao Yiwu. BEIJING — Liao Yiwu, the self-exiled writer, delivered a… Panetta Calls for Calm in China-Japan Dispute Mr. Panetta, who left Tokyo on Monday and arrived in Beijing late in the day, sought to… China’s Wen calls for action on Europe debt BEIJING — Expressing alarm at Europe’s debt problems, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao called on Greece, Spain…

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