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Feb 17, 2017

Credit: [KaiTalkpanda] [Take out with full credit] If you are the owner, just let me know in my inbox and tell me to delete… 140222首都體育館SS5北京站全程主金希澈自拍by桑田海茶[獨家視頻,未經允許禁止二次上傳及用於商業用途,轉載請注明出處] 【由於拍攝者表示是庚澈飯所以拍攝者(應該)也不想視頻轉到與此屬性相反的地方(?) 】 原視頻地址:… 8/29/2009 SS501 허영생 Heo Young Saeng Focus “널 부르는 노래 A Song Calling for you” Performance at 베이징 팬미팅 Beijing Fanmeeting Day 240 –… [Fancam] Westlife The Farewell Tour Live in Beijing 2012 on 22 February 2012 by eachin credit : Thincia ※ I do not OWN this fancam ※ :: PLEASE DO NOT EDIT OR CUT LOGO::: :: PLEASE TAKE OUT WITH…

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