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Feb 17, 2017

Hop a flight to Beijing before its street food scene disappears The streets just south of Beijing’s Tiananmen Square are an incongruous mix. Qianmen… Hawaiian adjusts to Beijing flight hurdles As Hawaiian Airlines’ pilots begin flying this week to Beijing, their newest destination requires one cockpit item on… Chinese Relatives Of Passengers Aboard Missing MH370 Flight Protest At … A relative of Chinese passengers on board a missing Malaysia Airlines plane breaks… Thai police say an Iranian man bought the airfares for two men who boarded a missing plane with stolen passports. Malaysia Airlines crash: two… Timeline: Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 to Beijing missing from the radar Here is a timeline of events in the disappearance of a Malaysia Airlines… Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 mystery: Jet’s door may have been found … A telephone operator on a China-based KLM hotline on Sunday confirmed to… UPDATE 1-Angry Chinese want information on missing Malaysia Airlines flight Relatives were taken to a hotel near Beijing airport, put in a room and… Flight MH370 bound for Beijing goes missing In the interview with Anderson Cooper, Fuad explained that the flight which departed 41 minutes after midnight… China Bound Malaysia Airlines Flight Disappears With 239 Aboard Search and rescue teams are still trying to locate a Malaysia Airlines plane bound for… PLEASE READ! I haven’t uploaded videos for a while, because I’ve been too busy, so sorry about that. Anyway I went to Beijing over… When a group from The Philadelphia Orchestra found itself delayed on the tarmac for three hours waiting for their flight from Beijing to Macao… Woman tries to hang herself in bathroom on flight to Beijing An unidentified woman attempted to kill herself by hanging in an aeroplane bathroom… Hawaiian Airlines announces non-stop Honolulu to Beijing flight The airline will start its Honolulu-to-Beijing flight in April 2014. “It’s a challenge, but a challenge… China flight crew rewarded for foiling hijackers BEIJING — A Chinese airline awarded cash and apartments worth millions of dollars to a nine-member crew…

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