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Feb 16, 2017

Seat of supreme power for over five centuries (1420-1911), the Forbidden City in Beijing, with its landscaped gardens and many buildings, constitutes a priceless… Travel video about destination Beijing in China. Entry to the Imperial City of Beijing is through the Gates of Heavenly Peace and suddenly the… Video guide to the train journey from Shanghai Hongqiao to Beijing South, 1318 km (824 miles) in 4 hours 55 minutes. Shows the boarding… In this video we look at the three most famous shopping markets in Beijing, The Silk Market, The Pearl Market and the Ya Show… Hey, it is your host, Naomi. I would like to show you the top ten attractions of Beijing. #10: Hutongs – Old town Beijing… A gambler’s guide to Beijing’s currency moves A gambler’s guide to Beijing’s currency moves. By James Mackintosh. Macau suggests money is still flowing into… Our Kickstarter video A video travel guide series giving insight int… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Beijing — o’ would but that the major news outlets and foreign correspondents spent less time in Beijing and more time in China’s other… Beijing tourism video – Beijing tourist attractions. Lonely Planet’s guide to Beijing Beijing is also home to sublime temples that aspire to cosmological perfection, while the city centre is criss-crossed by… Photos: A Guide to Beijing’s Cutting Edge Architecture Chinese architecture hasn’t slowed since the 2008 Olympics and the unveiling of the Bird’s Nest. Thanks… Beijing guide: luxury hotel concierges’ recommendations The 2008 Olympic Games brought improvements to Beijing’s tourism infranstructure, but the Chinese capital remains a difficult city… Beijing’s Snake Year temple fairs guide The temple fair is a social gathering in China. Legend has it that it originated in ancient times… Guide to surviving the winter in a Beijing hutong For those wanting to get to know the “real” China, experiencing Beijing’s imperial-era neighborhoods known…

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