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Feb 16, 2017

The Beijing cop behind China’s online crackdown wields a “heavy fist” Fu Zhenghua, China’s recently-named vice minister of public security, once promised to apply… Beijing police detain online ‘rumour-mongers’ in veiled warning to liberal … In a unusually well-publicised police operation, Chinese state media reported on Wednesday that… Beijing Treaty could strengthen online copyrights for musicians and singers If it comes into force, the Beijing Treaty on the area of copyright for… Residents Decry Beijing’s Shuttering of Online Doctor-Appointment System Citizens are writing letters to editors (in Chinese) and filling up social networking sites with calls… Beijing cops under pressure – The Star Online Two high-profile cases bring people out to the streets to protest for prompt action and greater… China permits prisoners in Beijing jails to order food online – World – IBNLive Beijing: China has launched a new programme for prisoners in… Two detained in China for ‘inciting unrest’ online BEIJING — Chinese police have detained two people accused of inciting unrest in online postings, state… Online and outspoken: China’s microblog craze In this photo taken on July 31, 2012, Isaac Mao, a well-known Chinese blogger and the founder of… A Beijing government official said this week the city would crackdown on Internet users spreading political rumors that attack Chinese Communist party leaders, after… Some 500 flights into or out of Beijing Capital Airport were canceled. Reportedly 736 homes were flooded, and 66,000 residents in the hardest-hit areas… Skies were blue and streets mostly dry on Sunday and Monday in Beijing, with only a scattering of abandoned cars as a reminder of…

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