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Feb 17, 2017

Beijing to play more active role in Iran talks As Iran has the third largest proven oil deposits and the largest natural gas reserves,… A Beijing power play in the South China Sea is met with US inaction For years Beijing has talked with those countries and others… Beijing Enterprises’ China Gas play may be nationwide expansion vehicle Energy-to-brewery conglomerate Beijing Enterprises Holdings may use its China Gas unit as a vehicle… China, Netherlands to play friendly in Beijing China’s men’s soccer team will play against the Netherlands in a friendly international in Beijing on June… Global firms have lots to play for in China’s toy market For Wang Ye, a 33-year-old housewife in Beijing, it’s difficult to understand how… Beijing to play `bigger role’ “Beijing will participate actively in the political development of Hong Kong with regard to universal suffrage to be adopted… Djokovic to play Tsonga in Beijing final Tsonga, who won titles in Metz and Doha this year, will add crucial ranking points in Beijing… Beijing’s b Canada play in the spotlight THE blockbuster $ 15 billion bid by the state-controlled oil giant CNOOC for Canada’s Nexen – China’s…

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