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Feb 16, 2017

China holds public rally to punish 55 in northwest BEIJING — In a stadium filled with 7,000 people, a Chinese court announced guilty verdicts… Beijing polls public on new airport The team tasked to build Beijing’s new airport released an announcement on Monday that they’re collecting suggestions from… Beijing may ban pets from public transportation A new bill seeks to ban animals from public transportation in Beijing as a preemptive measure against… Beijing Police Ask Women To Cover Up While Taking Public Transport To Avoid … By Keerthi Mohan | June 05 2013 7:10 AM. Police… More curbs on ‘three public consumptions’ Beijing government has announced it plans to prohibit further purchases of official cars and reduce spending on overseas… Activist asks public to visit China Nobel wife BEIJING — Chinese activists were urging the public Wednesday to visit dissident Liu Xiaobo’s wife to… Beijing keeps mum as China’s leader-in-waiting remains missing from public sight BEIJING — A Chinese spokesman on Tuesday said he had no information about… The forbidden public toilets of Beijing The journalists’ rule of thumb in China is that you cannot report the so-called three Ts – Tiananmen,… BEIJING – Chinese authorities on Thursday raised Beijing storm’s death toll to 77 after the public questioned the days-old tally of 37, with some… A Beijing government official said this week the city would crackdown on Internet users spreading political rumors that attack Chinese Communist party leaders, after…

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