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Feb 17, 2017

credit thincia @…140328_RAIN _Effect Show IN BEIJING_ Rainism_I’m Coming_ It’s Raining_ Avoid from the sun _Touch Ya_VRC__(1) i love this Show Rain … A Beijing government official said this week the city would crackdown on Internet users spreading political rumors that attack Chinese Communist party leaders, after… More rain is expected to hit Beijing this week, barely giving residents time to cope with Saturday’s catastrophic deluge. The torrential downpours – the… Hong Kong (CNN)– More rain was forecast for flood-hit Beijing Wednesday, as residents continued clearing debris from the weekend deluge amid signs government censors… As China’s flood-ravaged capital dealt with the aftermath of the heaviest rain in six decades Monday, including the deaths of 37 people, questions were… The heaviest rain to hit Beijing in 61 years left at least 10 people dead over the weekend, while more downpours were forecast for…

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