Thu. Jun 8th, 2023


Feb 16, 2017

Beijing sends more oil rigs to South China Sea BEIJING: China is sending another four oil rigs to the South China Sea, state media… Vietnam cracks down on anti-China protests as Beijing sends ships to remove … HANOI, Vietnam – Vietnam smothered anti-China protests on Sunday with a… China sends patrol ships to islands held by Japan A territorial flare-up between China and Japan intensified as Beijing sent patrol ships near the… Beijing sends patrol boats to East China Sea in show of anger over Tokyo … The Beijing-sent vessels are a display of China’s outrage… Japan Leader Sends Letter to Beijing Amid Tension Japan’s prime minister sent a senior diplomat to Beijing on Tuesday with a letter for Chinese… Japan leader sends letter to Beijing amid tension Gemba on Tuesday demanded an investigation into an incident in which a man in Beijing ripped…

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