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Feb 17, 2017

Hong Kong irks Beijing as more than 600000 join unofficial democracy vote More than 5000,000 people have voted in an unofficial referendum on democratic… Smog pollution in Essex higher than Beijing and Los Angeles as air quality … AIR pollution in Essex was higher than Los Angeles and… US military might ensures Beijing’s bark is worse than its bite Then in January this year, Beijing issued new restrictions on non-Chinese fishing boats… A Beijing Office Costs More Than Space in New York and Tokyo Beijing’s persistent smog seems to have put a dent in the city’s… ‘Delhi air pollution higher than Beijing’ report denied The head of an environment measurement index has denied media reports suggesting it found air quality… Sites in Beijing see 3-times more visitors than last year The first day of the lunar New Year marks the start of the Spring… Beijing Air Worse Than Official Standard 62.5% of Last Quarter Air quality in the Chinese cities of Beijing, Tianjin and the surrounding province of… If China has a real-estate glut, why is Beijing more expensive than Manhattan? Chinese local governments hit the jackpot this week. In Beijing, Shanghai,… Beijing Water Shortage “Worse Than Middle East” The per capita annual water availability is now around 120 cubic metres, well below the United Nations… Beijing prepares for bigger, better rubber duck than Hong Kong Rubber duck fever is mounting in Beijing ahead of the imminent arrival of another… Beijing Plates Harder to Win Than Roulette Spur Loopholes: Cars “We can’t do business without a car in such a huge city,” Beijing-based fruit… Air-Sea Battle Is More About Bin Laden Than Beijing: Former CSAF Schwartz “It’s harder to address some of the mythology over the phone,” Gen.… Beijing Enforcing Ban on Dogs Taller Than 14 Inches “Fox & Friends” says Beijing is enforcing a ban on what they call “large and… Beijing have ruled that public restrooms can have no more than two flies in them at one time. Ridiculous much? Off the Great Wall… Smog in Pearl River Delta ‘worse than in Beijing’ His claim came as a British study concluded that exposure to higher levels of fine…

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