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Feb 16, 2017

Compared with China’s other megacities, Beijing is still a traditionalist at heart, so delve into the shops, galleries and restaurants in the city’s old,… AFP Beijing accuses Vietnam of ramming vessels over 1500 times Beijing (AFP) – China on Friday said that Vietnamese ships have rammed its vessels… Commercial Times: Forum a chance to break Taipei-Beijing impasse These concerns underline the importance of the upcoming cross-strait forum, a time during which Beijing… New York Times: Warning spreads as Beijing clamps down on illegal modeling New York Times: Warning spreads as Beijing clamps down on illegal modeling.… Beijing drives FDI to less developed regions – The Business Times [BEIJING] China wants more foreign direct investment in its less developed central and… Beijing opens new front in war as yuan speculation distorts .. – Gulf Times China’s central bank signalled yesterday it was prepared to change… Beijing detains 900 over toxic meat scandal – Gulf times China has detained 900 people for crimes including selling rat and fox meat as… New York Times reporter ‘forced’ to leave Beijing US newspaper The New York Times said yesterday it had been “forced to relocate” one of… BEIJING: The Chinese authorities are providing housing to almost all residents of Sansha city in South China Sea, disputed by China, Vietnam and Philippines.… Every night an old coal train chugs in to central Beijing to deliver its load to the Guohua power plant, one of the city’s… LONDON: Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle said he had felt liberated rather than daunted by Beijing 2008’s spectacular opening ceremony as his quirky but impressive… Five days after a violent rainstorm hit Beijing, flooding large parts of the city and killing at least 37 people, the waters have receded… WASHINGTON — The State Department on Wednesday released its latest sober diagnosis of human rights abuses in China, along with some gentle encouragement to… BEIJING — The heaviest rainfall in six decades caused widespread havoc in this capital over the weekend, killing at least 37 people and forcing… “He’s come here before. He stays in the neighborhood where the leaders live.” In any other city, even Beijing, it would be unusual to…

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