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Feb 16, 2017

China Greets World Leaders With Dancers, Lights, Neon Driveway (ABC) If you thought the 2008 Olympic opening games were impressive, wait until you see… Finally, A Better Way To Watch the Sunrise in Smog-Filled Beijing Correction: The original post did not mention that the large screens in Beijing’s… Watch: Gorgeous time-lapse tilt-shifted video of Beijing As part of their Little Big World series, Spoon Media have produced this gorgeous tilt-shift time-lapse of… See more soon @ http://www.aBlogtoWatch.com Ariel Adams of aBlogtoWatch checks out the Beijing Watch Factory’s Wu Ji “Infinite Universe” triple tourbillon wa… Video Rating:… Watch that train in the chain! Sixteen young bride and grooms get hitched on … But for these newlyweds, there was safety in numbers… Translation: Let’s embrace another morning and enjoy its fresh air. With the fragrance of tea, it smells different. But it feels great, full of… Watch out, Beijing: Air pollution may lead to lower birth weights Chimneys belch out smoke at the Beijing Capital Steel Plant , which has…

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