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Feb 17, 2017

Beijing Enterprises Signs 11 Water Supply, Treatment Contracts Beijing Enterprises Water Group Ltd. (371), the biggest publicly traded water-treatment systems developer in China, signed… Magic Water Cube – Beijing National Acquatics Park Center, China To Subscribe Our Channel Please Click Below Link:… Video Rating: 4 / 5 In Beijing, water bottles fly over missing MH370 A woman, whose husband is a passenger of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, complains about Malaysia Airlines… Beijing Water Shortage “Worse Than Middle East” The per capita annual water availability is now around 120 cubic metres, well below the United Nations… Artist turns Beijing’s Water Cube into a massive emoji-based mood ring What if you could see how people felt by looking at a former… Beijing residents concerned over sharp drop in quality of tap water BEIJING: Concerns are being raised in China over the sharp drop in the… Beijing Enterprises Water Surges on Citigroup Buy Rating Beijing Enterprises Water Group Ltd. (371), which develops water-treatment systems, rose the most in two months… Campaign to promote water conservation in Beijing Thursday marks the start of a three-day water conservation campaign in Beijing for 2013 World Water Day.… Recycled water flows to south Beijing The quality of water supply in southern Beijing has been improving in recent years, an official said. In… Beijing water supply at risk? The decision by Beijing Waterworks Group, which is in charge of the city’s water supply, comes after a drinking… Beijing starts publishing tap water quality Beijing began publishing water quality information on the website of Beijing Water Works Group on Tuesday following media… No water needed for Beijing hotel’s Christmas tree with a message The Christmas tree at the Opposite House hotel in Beijing isn’t a tree… The Beijing downpour over the weekend has brought with it more than just rain that paralyzed the city. It revealed a capital that’s glamorous… Beijing Enterprises Water Group Ltd. (371), the sewage treatment unit of Beijing Enterprises Holdings Ltd. (392), climbed the most in more than three years… Hungary eyes 4th straight Olympic water polo gold “Serbia has certainly been the most consistent team over the last three years,” said United States…

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