Thu. Jun 8th, 2023


Feb 16, 2017

Beijing Reports Human H7N9 Bird Flu Case A man in Beijing has been confirmed to have contracted H7N9 bird flu, the first case reported… Beijing confirms first case of new bird flu strain – USA Today BEIJING (AP) — A 7-year-old girl has become the first confirmed case… China Bird Flu: Beijing Reports First Suspected Case Of New Strain BEIJING, April 13 (Reuters) – Chinese capital Beijing reported on Saturday its first… Bird flu in Beijing – Video – The Age New bird flu found in Beijing (00:35). First case of new bird flu strain has… First New Bird Flu Infection Confirmed In Beijing: Deadly H7N9 Virus Spreading? In what’s quickly growing into a national concern in China, a deadly… Seven-year-old girl becomes Beijing’s first case of new bird flu A seven-year-old girl is the first confirmed case in Beijing of the new H7N9… Bird Flu Officially Arrives in Beijing, Days Behind ‘Rumors’ Medical workers take part in a drill that simulates human infection of the H7N9 bird… Beijing nets 10 for bird flu rumors BEIJING: Chinese police detained at least 10 people for spreading rumors about the H7N9 bird flu virus,… Beijing needs to give world full picture of bird flu outbreak To reassure the public, Beijing needs to take firm control of the disclosure…

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