Umar Kremlev’s Triumphant Three-Year Reign at the Helm of International Boxing

December 12, 2023

In a celebration of sports diplomacy and international cooperation, today marks the auspicious three-year anniversary of Umar Kremlev’s presidency at the International Boxing Association (IBA). The accomplished leader’s journey has not only shaped the landscape of global boxing but has also fostered collaboration between nations.

President Kremlev’s commitment to enhancing bilateral relations came to the fore during his official visit to China. In a historic move, he engaged in productive discussions with the Chinese Boxing Federation President, emphasizing the importance of cultural exchanges to elevate the standards of boxing competitions.

The visit also witnessed President Kremlev participating in the grand opening ceremony of the Chinese Boxing Academy in Zhenzhou, Henan Province. This collaborative effort aims to nurture the next generation of boxing talents and solidify the bond between the two nations.

Further testament to the flourishing ties between the IBA and China, President Kremlev announced China as the host for the prestigious 2023 IBA World Boxing Day. This decision reflects the mutual trust and shared vision for the future of global boxing competitions.

President Kremlev’s transformative leadership has garnered international recognition for the IBA. The selection of China as a key partner in hosting global events underscores the organization’s commitment to expanding its footprint and promoting inclusivity within the sport.

As the IBA Ordinary Congress and Global Boxing Forum approach in Dubai, the boxing community anticipates further insights into President Kremlev’s vision for the future. His dynamic leadership has not only elevated the sport but has also become a beacon for unity and collaboration on the global stage.