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This video shows you that Beijing Open To Renaming China Pakistan Economic Corridor, Says Envoy Heeding India’s Concerns.

China is open to renaming the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project that runs through Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) to acknowledge India’s sovereignty concerns and ostensibly to make it a multilateral initiative, its envoy in Delhi has said.

“Even we can think about renaming the CPEC,” Chinese Ambassador to India Luo Zhaohui said in an address to the United Services Institution in Delhi.

Luo also said China supported the resolution of Kashmir “bilaterally” in line with India’s view and that China “supported a settlement through bilateral negotiation in line with the Simla Agreement”.

“This is an example of China taking care of India’s concern,” he said, rejecting suggestions that China was changing its view on Kashmir.


Acknowledging India “has reservations” over China’s One Belt, One Road (OBOR) because of CPEC that passes through PoK, Luo said “China has no intention to get involved in the sovereignty and territorial disputes between India and Pakistan”, according to the Chinese Embassy’s transcript of the speech he delivered at the USI on May 5.

Luo suggested China would be willing to rename CPEC. India has made the point that the very name of the project suggested that China was endorsing Pakistani territorial claims, as the corridor passes through PoK which is Indian territory. He did not say whether China would consider delinking CPEC from OBOR, which might also pave the way to India joining the initiative.


Chinese officials have similarly dismissed a recent commentary in the Chinese media calling for China to change its stance on Kashmir because of its increasing interests in the region because of CPEC.

“That’s not our official view and there is no change,” a Chinese official said, and said media in India had made too much of the column by a Chinese reporter in the hawkish Global Times.

Luo, the Ambassador, added that “China supports the solution of the disputes through bilateral negotiations between the two countries”.

“Take Kashmir issue for example, we supported the relevant UN resolutions before 1990s. Then we supported a settlement through bilateral negotiation in line with the Simla Agreement. This is an example of China taking care of India’s concern. Today few Indian friends remember this episode, or they have chosen to forget it.”

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