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Posted on 14 August 2012. Tags: Beijing, death, Flood, Revises, toll, Video


The official death toll from Beijing’s floods has been revised to 77 lives lost, according to Chinese authorities. [Pan Anjun, Deputy Chief of Beijing Flood Control Headquarters]: “By now, 77 bodies are found in Beijing. Among them, 66 people’s identities have been confirmed. 11 others are yet to be identified. Of the 66 people, 61 died from the disaster and five died when on duty.” NTD has obtained a list of 61 verified deaths. For several days after the flood, the death toll had remained at 37.Many residents around Beijing have criticized authorities for fabricating a low death toll and for only counting deaths within the city’s administrative region.Chinese Internet users have suggested through posts on social media sites that the true death toll could number in the hundreds. A Chinese micro-blogger going by the handle “Sneaky Cat” writes, (quote) “My friend who works at a tourist agency said, from what they know, at Yesanpo, the tourist site in Fangshan, there were 300-400 people who died. Why is the official number 30-something? Did they eat up all the other bodies?”Fangshan district, a suburb of Beijing, is thought to have been hit the hardest by the floodwaters. For more news and videos visit ☛ Follow us on Twitter ☛ http Add us on Facebook ☛

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