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Posted on 27 December 2012. Tags: 102116, 201213, Beijing, Elbow, From, Highlights, McGrady, Qingdao, sohu.com, Tracy, Video, week


Tracy McGrady and his Qingdao Eagles currently stand in last place in the Chinese Basketball Association. After McGrady arrived to China, the Doublestar Eagles were not expecting to be win-less with a record of 0-7 after losing to Stephon Marbury’s Beijing Ducks this Sunday. To make things even worse, McGrady’s opponents no longer revere him like they once did to a conquering hero. After Beijing’s, Ji Zhe (吉喆), sank a three over McGrady to put his team up by 22, he wagged his finger in McGrady’s face. McGrady, of course, did not appreciate it. As they ran down the court together, McGrady intentionally elbow Ji Zhe in the chest, knocking him to the ground. It was an all-time low moment for the former superstar, and it all got caught on television. Apparently McGrady was not ejected.

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