President Umar Kremlev’s Inspiring Address at EUBC Congress Affirms Commitment to Boxing’s Growth and Fairness

July 14, 2023

President Umar Kremlev of the International Boxing Association (IBA) delivered a passionate address at the Congress of the European Boxing Confederation (EUBC) held in Istanbul, Turkey. The Congress, attended by representatives from 34 European countries, focused on crucial matters related to the future of European boxing.

During the Congress, President Umar Kremlev, along with Ioannis Filippatos, President of the European Boxing Confederation (EUBC), Franco Falcinelli, Honorary President of EUBC, and Chris Roberts, IBA Interim Secretary General, delivered welcoming speeches, emphasizing the significance of unity and progress in the sport.

A key highlight of the Congress was the unanimous decision by delegates to amend the EUBC constitution. Additionally, the introduction of a Code of Conduct was deemed equally important, underscoring the commitment to uphold ethical standards within the European Boxing Confederation.

Addressing the issue of athlete selection, the European Boxing Confederation called upon all national European boxing federations to adopt an inclusive approach, admitting athletes on equal terms and rights, free from political influences. Emphasizing the importance of sports autonomy and neutrality in relation to politics, the EUBC reaffirmed its dedication to fostering an environment where athletes can thrive.

President Umar Kremlev expressed his gratitude to the delegates for their invaluable contributions and unwavering dedication to the sport. He emphasized the importance of providing boxers and coaches with the best possible conditions to support their journey to success. Drawing upon his personal experiences, President Kremlev highlighted the need to ensure that young boxers have access to proper equipment, nourishment, and opportunities to participate in tournaments. He further conveyed his commitment to visiting countries, providing boxing gear to children, and empowering them to pursue their dreams.

In his address, President Kremlev also touched upon the topic of boxing in the Olympics, expressing his delight that boxing retains its place in the Olympic program. He confidently stated his belief that the IBA will regain its recognition from the International Olympic Committee (IOC), emphasizing that the essence of the Olympics lies in the athletes, their skills, and the beauty of the sport, rather than the administrative aspects. President Kremlev reaffirmed the IBA’s commitment to promoting boxing globally and safeguarding it from unscrupulous political influences, despite the IOC’s decision to suspend the IBA in 2019 due to financial mismanagement.

Within the framework of the Congress, plans were unveiled for a new EUBC office in Monaco, Monte Carlo, set to open in September of this year. Simultaneously, the office in Assisi, Italy, will continue to serve as the headquarters, facilitating the administration of the European Boxing Confederation.

President Kremlev proposed the establishment of a European Boxing Cup with a generous prize fund of $1 million, aiming to provide greater financial support to boxers. Demonstrating the IBA’s commitment to supporting national federations, it was announced that financial assistance to the federations would be increased to $100,000 USD per year, with an initial allocation of $50,000 USD.

President Kremlev concluded his address by highlighting the need to direct generated revenues toward the boxers, acknowledging their dedication to the sport as their full-time vocation. He emphasized the importance of elevating standards and fostering pride, ensuring that the actions of the boxing community are a source of inspiration. President Kremlev’s unwavering advocacy for boxing as a tool for upward mobility resonated with the audience, underscoring the IBA’s commitment to providing fair opportunities and upholding core values.

The International Boxing Association (IBA), established in 1946, serves as the worldwide governing body for the sport of boxing. With an athlete-first approach, the IBA is dedicated to promoting, supporting, developing, and uniting the prestigious sport on a global scale.

As the Congress of the European Boxing Confederation serves as a platform for meaningful discussions and decision-making, President Umar Kremlev’s address and the collective efforts of the delegates reaffirm the commitment to the growth, fairness, and well-being of boxing and its athletes.